Working From Home on the Internet – 3 Things to Consider

By | May 9, 2023

This post is a bit indulgent, but just thought I would like to share some of the things we have discovered about the Internet and working from home.Ken and I have always had careers that have taken us to work away from home. We have had an office to go to or have in some instances had to travel, that was pretty much the way of the work world as we knew it up until the last several years.What has been interesting to us is just how different it can be working from home, and just wanted to share some of those differences with our readers and with those of you who may be considering an internet business and working from home.Here are the 3 Things you might want to consider1. You do have an incredible amount of schedule flexibility…now this can be both good and bad. Good from the standpoint that you can take time from your usual “workday” hours and workout when you want, or run some errands, maybe even a tennis game. One of the great things about working from home is that you don’t have a time clock or daily hours that are a must for you completing you tasks. (Truth be known once you get set up and get your systems in place you can really change up your schedule.) The bad of this can be just that you don’t have a schedule, and you have to get this sorted out.2. You have to be careful about being only in front of that computer screen. You need to take breaks and get out of the house to un-blur those eyes and give your brain some fresh air. This really helps keep your ideas flowing and fresh.3. We have found that it has helped a lot to stick to a schedule of certain tasks that we make sure we get to…some of them are mundane, but the ones we have focused in on doing are tasks that we know are driving traffic or laying the groundwork for growing our business (which of course we all know lies with the list).From our pictures, you can see that Ken and I are Baby Boomers. What has been so incredible for us to be working on our business from home is that we have met so many incredible internet marketing professionals who have spent time with us and shared great ideas and ways to get things accomplished much more quickly and effectively.This world of internet marketing sometimes gets a bad rap. We have found that the “slick” marketers are TRULY in the minority. More than anything we have met and learned from really wonderful online marketing professionals. I can’t think of another area of business where this is so much a part of the culture. Helping others and sharing ideas that are successful ways to accomplish growing your business is just part of what folks do on the internet. It’s refreshing and wonderful at the same time.As you might be able to tell from this little post, we love what we do, we love the people we have met in this industry, and we have not come across an arena in business with the limitless possibilities we have found in online marketing.If this piques your interest at all or you would like to speak further about our experiences and some of the different opportunities we have discovered please just pick up the phone or shoot us an email and we will be happy to discuss the path we have traveled and share it and just maybe this could help you with your decisions on your next steps.All the best success,Kathy and Ken